About Wind Value

This research project  seeks to estimate a financial valuation for onshore wind farms in Ireland. The task is to develop decision support tools which will assist wind farm managers to decide between decommissioning, repowering and life extension for the end-of-life of a wind farm, depending on the valuation for each. This research will also assist local communities who may be interested in buying part or all of their local wind farm and owning their own energy source.

Work Packages

1 Project Management, Communications and Dissemination, Data Management

2 Wind Energy Generation

3 Operations and Maintenance

4 Electricity Price

5 Wind Farm Valuation

6 Commercial Decision Support Tool

7 Community Decision Support Tool

8 PhD Thesis

The Wind Value project is funded by the Irish Research Council under the Pathway Programme: IRC*21/PATH-A/9348 


The project is based in the Environmental Research Institute (ERI) of University College Cork  and in Cork University Business School. It will run from 1st March 2022 for four years.

Here is a link to the project’s place among the other UCC Pathway Award Winners   and a link to the Project Description in ERI.

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