Second Conference, 1pm Wednesday 29th May 2024 in Cork

End-of-Life Issues for Onshore Wind Farms

The Second Wind Value Conference will take place on 29th May 2024 in UCC. The topic will be the choices facing wind farms at the end of their planning permission or their end-of-life, these are: decommissioning, life extension and repowering.

If you wish to reserve a place for either in-person or online attendance please send an email to

Here is a draft schedule for the day, note this may change

1 pmPaul Leahy, UCCWelcome
1:10Dorcas Mikindani, UCCEnd-of-Life Choices
1:20Peter Deeney, UCCFinancial Issues
2:00Brendan O’Sullivan, UCCThe Situation in Ireland
2:30Peter Deeney, UCC Workshop on Optionality of Planning
3:00Coffee Break
3:30Carla De Laurentis, UWEThe Situation in Italy
4:00Rebecca Windemer, RegenThe Situation in the UK
4:30PanelQuestions and Discussions
5:30Peter Deeney, UCCConclusions and Thanks