First Conference – Cork 2022

The First Wind Value Conference on End-of-Life Issues for Onshore Wind Farms, took place on Friday 27th May 2022, in the Environmental Research Institute, University College Cork, Ireland. The conference was supported by a grant from the National University of Ireland won by Peter Deeney. Below is the list of presentations with video links, followed by a more detailed description of the presentations with links to the slides as well as the videos.

1 Paul Leahy’s Welcome

2 Dorcas Mikindani – The Plan for the Wind Value Project

3 Dave Linehan – An Industry Perspective

4 Paul Leahy – Some issues for Wind Farm End of Life

5 Kieran Ruane – Blade Bridge Construction 

6 Angela Nagle – Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment of a Blade Bridge (presented by Paul Leahy)

7 Lawrence Bank – Repurposing Possibilities

8 Anne Velenturf – A Circular Economy

1st Session Paul Leahy

Paul Leahy, of University College Cork (UCC), UCC leader of Re-Wind, welcomed people to the conference and outlined some of the activites in the Environmental Research Institute, Cork. Video

2nd Session Dorcas Mikindani

Dorcas Mikindani, first Year PhD Student in UCC, introduced the plan for the Wind Value Project. Slides, Video

3rd Session Dave Linehan

Dave Linehan, Wind Energy Ireland’s Head of Research, gave an industry perspective. Slides, Video

4th Session Paul Leahy

Paul Leahy of University College Cork (UCC), Lecturer in Wind Energy explained some issues for wind farm end-of-life, Slides, Video

5th Session Kieran Ruane

Kieran Ruane of Munster Technological University, Lecturer in Civil Engineering explained the process of designing the Bladebridge Slides, Video

6th Session Angela Nagle

Angela Nagle Final Year PhD Student in UCC, whose work on the life cycle sustainability assessment of a Bladebridge was presented by Paul Leahy, Poster, Video

7th Session Lawrence Bank

Lawrence Bank of City University New York and Georgia Tech, USA Researcher in Wind Turbine Blade Repurposing, Suggests outlines some repurposing possibilities, Slides, Video

8th Session Anne Velenturf

Anne Velenturf of Leeds University, Researcher in the Circular Economy, broadens the discussion to encompass a circular perspective Slides, Video

The conference dealt with issues around the circular economy, the difficulties of recycling wind turbine components especially the turbine blades and repurposing ideas for blades proposed by the Re-Wind Network. The conference also marked the beginning of the WindValue project.

The conference received funding from the National University of Ireland.